Walk through a collection of unique and fun places around RWANDA

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Paradise Malahide

Paradise Malahide is located just seven kilometres from downtown Gisenyi, this beautiful space provides the perfect escape with cozy bungalows on a private beach.

Akagera Rhino Lodge

Akagera Rhino Lodge is a unique eco tourism experience overlooking Rwanda's Akagera National Park. Allowing visitors to connect with nature and enjoy one of the most magnificent vistas of the largest protected wetland system in central Africa.

Enterprise, Education & Community Spaces

Digital Transformation Center

The Digital Transformation Center is a Rwandan-German initiative aimed at developing impact-driven digital solutions in Africa. Therefore, it not only provides advisory services and training for government institutions and local tech companies, but also a modern space to boost creativity and collaboration.

Entrepreneurial Solutions Partners

Tourism Inc. by ESP is a program in partnership with MasterCard Foundation that selects and scales young entrepreneurs in Tourism and Hospitality. The program offers a combination of technical and financial support for the entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and create jobs.

African Leadership University, Rwanda

ALU Rwanda is accredited by the Higher Education Council of Rwanda and is located in Bumbogo in the Kigali Innovation City. The campus opened its doors to its first class of students in September 2017 with almost 300 students.

Museums & Galleries

King's Palace

A replica of the traditional Rwandan Royal residence, the King’s Palace is a fascinating structure in a beehive shape. The Museum is located in Nyanza and was the site of battles and power struggles during the monarch period.

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Kigali Genocide Memorial has been and continues to be a place of remembrance and learning, to honor victims of genocide against the Tutsi and ensure that it never happens again.

Kigali Arts Center

Kigali arts center is a hub of creative minds based in Kigali, it is a home of projects, programs and events that aims to expand & promoting arts in Rwanda.

Outdoor spaces, Parks and Trails

Kigali City Hall Park

City of Kigali's first public park in the city center, Open to the public use 24/7 with bathroom and seats, here you can access a free 4G Internet.

Gisakura Tea Plantation

For the tea & nature lovers, Gisakura tea plantation is a huge field at the edge of Nyungwe Rain Forest and is perhaps one of the best things that you will see while in Rwanda.

KCC Roundabout

A circular junction in Kimihurura with beautiful green central island, located between Kigali Convention Center, Kigali Heights and KBC complexes.